Youngest in Charge


“Meet Elijah, a bright young man from humble beginnings who finds himself consumed with the desire for revenge after the murder of his beloved stepfather, Virgil. Despite being a non-fighter, Elijah purchases a gun and stakes out the killer’s apartment, only to be thwarted by the police. As he struggles with the concept of revenge, Elijah must also confront the possibility of facing legal consequences and leaving his pregnant mother, Khadijah, to fend for herself.

In this gripping tale, Elijah learns that intelligence and non-violence do not equate to weakness, and that revenge is not always the best course of action. As he navigates his way through the aftermath of the tragedy, Elijah must come to terms with the difficult choices that lie ahead and find a way to support his family in the face of unimaginable loss. This thought-provoking novel will leave readers questioning their own beliefs about justice, revenge, and the true meaning of strength.”

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