The Lit Kids


“Join the crew of ‘The Lit Kids’ as they dominate the scene, throwing down their own brand of flavor and making waves in the thriving urban landscape. It’s all about chasing that lit life and leaving an indelible mark

Daniel has a crush on Journey Monroe, but there is one problem: he doesn’t know he exists until she invites him and his friend’s birthday one day. Party Daniel accepts the invitation. Journey asks Daniel to bring her a gift because he is her “Special guest,” She later expresses that she has had a crush on him. Later, Daniel learns that the birthday isn’t a birthday party but a group that calls themselves the “Lit kids” and that Journey’s parents have no idea about the party. The boys know that there is no way they will attend an unsupervised party. They tell their parents they will hang out at JJ’s father’s house in the Valley. The party is lit, and everyone is having a great time except Elijah because JJ has reconnected with an old boyfriend, Jason. Elijah becomes jealuous. A girl gets sexually assaulted by a star basketball player. And the police called and interviewed everyone at the party. Elijah’s phone is vital information about the assault, and he wrestles with his conscience about whether or not to come forward.

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