The Godmother Volume 2


In “The GodMother: Anybody Can Get It,” after TeTe is robbed and humiliated, her focus shifts from revenge on Carlos to securing legal help for her boyfriend Slick, a prominent pimp and drug dealer. As a murder suspicion arises and tensions with Carlos escalate, the story takes unexpected turns, delivering a surprising twist.

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he GodMother: Anybody Can Get ItTeTe was robbed and left naked in a men’s restroom. Quite naturally, she wants to teach Carlos and his brother a lesson. But that will have to wait. The money she lost was supposed to buy a lawyer for her boyfriend Slick, a big-name pimp and drug dealer who is about to go to trial. He will bring the drama when he goes in there with a goofy-ass public defender, and he will make sure TeTe feels his pain.When TeTe is suspected of murder, Cranberry, the town, drunk makes matters worse by talking to the police about it. As the war between TeTe and Carlos escalates, both sides will lose something. But Carlos soon learns that TeTe can’t stand to lose her grandmother, Big Ma. This one is going to get your blood pressure up and hit you with a nasty twist.


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