Kingpin Wifeys Vol 9

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In the gripping new installment of the Kingpin Wifeys series, the stakes are higher than ever as Agent Daniels continues to wield his power, threatening to expose Jada’s secret rendezvous with Black. Simultaneously, he attempts to manipulate TeTe into a business partnership, forcing her into a dangerous predicament. The Wifeys must navigate treacherous waters as their secrets and allegiances are put to the ultimate test.

Shamari is faced with a heart-wrenching decision when she discovers Ava’s true profession as a call girl. Conflicted between her growing feelings for Ava and the knowledge of her past, Shamari must decide whether to continue their relationship or let Ava go. As Ava’s past comes back to haunt her, she turns to TeTe, seeking her assistance in a desperate bid for safety and redemption.

Jada, caught up in a whirlwind of emotions, finds herself in an unlikely relationship that defies expectations. With her feelings laid bare, she must confront the complexities of her newfound connection and navigate the challenges that lie ahead. Meanwhile, Stunna, driven by a thirst for vengeance following his sister Mickey’s rape, continues to sow chaos. When Starr admits to still harboring feelings for Q, Stunna issues an ultimatum that threatens to tear their world apart. The tension escalates as loyalties are tested and the characters must confront the consequences of their choices.

In this nonstop action-packed season of the Kingpin Wifeys, K. Elliott delivers an electrifying narrative that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Betrayal, desire, and life-altering decisions collide as the characters face the repercussions of their actions. With the fate of their relationships and their lives hanging in the balance, the Wifeys must summon their strength and resilience to navigate the dangerous world they inhabit.

Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of twists, turns, and unexpected revelations as Volume Nine of the Kingpin Wifeys series pulls you deeper into the captivating story. Brace yourself for the explosive confrontations and gripping drama that lie ahead, where choices have dire consequences and the fight for survival is unrelenting. Get ready to immerse yourself in the relentless action and suspense that only the Kingpin Wifeys can deliver.

35 reviews for Kingpin Wifeys Vol 9

  1. Kindle Customer

    This part was something else. Hmmmm, ok, Miss Jada. Just conniving and dirty. Wants Shamari after he gets involved with someone she set up…smh. Q, sneaky as heck! Starr’s naive….too naive. Now, I like Stunna, he’s a no nonsense type of guy. That’s who Starr should be with. Even though Tete is conniving also, that ending was something serious. Please spare Shamari….please!!!!! Alright waiting on the next part.

  2. Marsha H.

    I gave this book a 5 because it’s all that and some. This series keep you on edge with the different twists. K. Elliott this your an AWESOME author. Keep up the good work. Now I’m waiting on Pt 6…. Hurry Hurry Hurry.

  3. juliua plajas

    Great read. Came right in time for my Bday gift. Love every series. The clif hangers at the end make you want more 😍😍

  4. Ms. Neiko

    This gets better and better each book! I love it!!!!! Shamari needs to come clean…now. TeTe is a true boss.

  5. Denay Lewis

    Omg I’m so glad TeTe finally got Daniels. I hate Starr gone end up hurt due to the info she will receive once she visit Monte. Jada deserves to be happy but I don’t want her to loose Shamari because she killed his baby that’s if Ava is even pregnant I can’t wait until the next book comes out. The thirst is to real

  6. Ladyy Boss

    Woah Woah Woah!!!!!!There was so much drama pack beginning to the end of this book.I can’t believe Mari finally gave into miss thang lol.Im so happy for Jada she deserves to finally be happy.Q I want wat is coming to his tail for real.Starr should have stayed with Stunna instead of Q,Q doesn’t deserve her at all.Im so surprised at the stufff with Ava that wasn’t wat I thought was gonna happen.Dang poor Tete I can’t believe John did that.Lol Mikey is a trip and can take anyone’s women.Then that ending omg was so good I’m so mad it ended like that.I can’t wait for part 6 to come out it keeps getting better and better!!!!

  7. Raynell

    Wowww you done it again. This one seemed so short. Lol maybe I read fast. I can’t wait to see what’s gone happen. Why black pops wanna kill Samari that’s crazy. And Ava pregnant. And wayment Willow what she gotta do with Ole boy? Jade crazy ass hell.

  8. WanDa

    This series continues to draw me in, more and more. Jada is doing too much. She rejected Shamari and hooked him up with Ava. Now she realizes she wants him, well too bad. I think Shamari should try with Ava, and I think Starr shouldn’t be with Q. I would love too see Stunna with Starr, however his lifestyle doesn’t provide security for her son. Luv U Elliott. Looking forward to next installment.

  9. tomaquawa slaugher

    Im waiting for the next book to see what happens to Daniels. I loved this book a must read and I hope sharmari don’t get shot

  10. margaret s douglas

    Way to go K Elliott this series is getting better and better can’t wait for your next book.The ending makes me want more.Good job

  11. Kaluwa DoBosu

    TeTe finally got Daniel’s slick butt!!! I’m even glad Shamari and Jada are getting back together, they belong together. Even though the way she did it was wrong. I hope someone gets Eva slick butt too. I don’t think she’s really pregnant! I also hope that Starr finally See’s what’s really up with Q…. He is so conniving, she needs to get away from him.

  12. MZ Jones

    Waiting on next 🙏🏾😨

  13. Amanda C.

    This series is giving me LIFE. I can’t wait for the next part. Daniels greedy tail didn’t even see it coming. TeeTee don’t play that.

  14. mizzb

    Love All the Characters..This Series doesn’t disappoint..So Greedy to Read every Book I finish in one day…Most of the time Less

  15. Corronda

    As always this series has drawn me in the world of Kingpins and rule breakers. Just when I thought I it figured out, Mr. Elliott gave it an all new twist.

  16. Shirley N. Smith

    I could not put this book down each series is better than the one before .he always leaves you wanting more. Hopefully Shamari and Jada will have a happy ending.

  17. Judith Sims

    I was so tired of Daniels. I just want him to die like he killed Black or worse. I hope Shamari can make it out safely. Q think he slick too, but Starr gonna do him when Monte tells her the truth. Can’t wait for this finale.

  18. Dana Deneé

    Can’t wait for the next chapter. This book is hard to put down. It is a page turner. The next chapter has to hurry and come out

  19. Kari Jackson

    as usual Mr. Elliott you had me wanting more……I cant wait for part 6.

  20. zeebee

    Love it!…Cant get enough!

  21. Yvonne Harris

    Liked this book. However to me it was very short. I read it very very fast. Less than two days…Hope the next part will not end so fast. I really liked it though.

  22. Gesila

    I give these book a 10 🌟 best every i love your work I hope TeTe make him hurt before she kill him I hope Starr ends up with Stunna. Cus Q. Not right but means well I hope Jade and Mari really ends up he don’t need to die he came a long way .

  23. Latoya B

    Just awesome!!! Can’t wait to read part 6. Their is never a dull moment. Keep them coming please. Thank you for your talent

  24. Moka Berry

    Awesome is the best way to describe this book and I can’t wait to read it the next volume…Biting my nails.

  25. C. N. Mapp

    I so excited about the end of the book idk what to do. I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

  26. Amazon Customer

    I love the book I read the whole series ..the author keeps me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what’s going to happen next

  27. Theresa


  28. liz

    Wow! I’ve been hooked on kingpin wifeys from book 1 page 1! It just keeps getting better n better! I’d rather read this series then watch a movie! I am excited to start the next book it ended with a cliffhanger! Love it!

  29. Nu8907

    I never read a series where the plot got better, crazier, and thicker! An amazing read leaving readers grappling for more! Reaching the end of a season and I hope it continues with juicier details, twists and turns

  30. Kindle Customer

    I’m so glad they finally caught up with Daniels he so dirty now it’s time for him to pay.I’m so ready for pts. 6

  31. Kindle Customer

    I’m glad Daniel got what was coming to him, he needed to be dealt with. I’m glad Kada is back with her soul mate and I hope they be happily ever after.

  32. Kato

    Great read. So many plot twists. Most of the characters have a target on their backs. Hoping for a happy ending for Starr and Jada. TeTe is still a force to be reckoned with.

  33. Jina King

    This was a great and True epitome of fiction, thanks for allowing me to read a great series. Love it

  34. Lutricia Lynch

    This was exciting from beginning to end.

  35. Jonita C. Adams

    The whole Kingpin Wifeys volumes are good!! Straight page turners. You will NOT be disappointed!!

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