Godsend Book 6-10


The “Godsend” series follows Brian Cathcart and Inell “Echo” Harrison as they solve abandoned cases, often breaking the law to achieve results through their Godsend Investigative Services. The series of five-story editions encompasses intense investigations involving criminals, kidnappings, and dangerous characters, with subsequent sets of novels continuing the fast-paced and suspenseful narrative.


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The Godsend Investigative Agency is taking on more unsolved cases than Brian and Echo can handle, so they hire extra help and step up the violence. In The Second Nickel Edition, which is a union of books 6-10 of the series, the unauthorized private investigators have their eyes–and guns–on a suspected abductor, on a man who may have killed a pregnant woman, and on a couple of child molesters. One of the Godsend members will get robbed, and a few of them will be frustrated with the work of an old black lady who is into working roots and voodoo. This deadly, scenic route keeps a high-speed pace from California to Texas to Louisiana, and no seatbelt will save you. For a full-size Godsend novel that raises eyebrows and blood pressure, be sure to read The Weight of Echo by K. Elliott. Godsend Series Godsend 1: A Necessary Evil Godsend 2: The Search for Rochelle Godsend 3: Pissed All The Way Off Godsend 4: Hiding In Plain Sight Godsend 5: Blasphemy Out West Godsend Series 1-5 Godsend 6: All Jokes Aside Godsend 7: The Halo Effect Godsend 8: The Value of a Woman Godsend 9: Square In The Mouth Godsend 10: That Stupid Hooker Godsend Series 6-10 Godsend: The Weight of Echo (Full length novel) Godsend 11:Taken for Granite Godsend 12:The Audacity Godsend 13: Selling Woof Tickets Godsend 14: Ass to Kiss


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