Godsend 3: Pissed All The Way Off


In the third book of the Godsend Series, Brian Cathcart sleeps with his FBI source and gets emotionally attached. He agrees to work an ongoing case for her, a case that will also tear them apart: Some lunatic actually gets off on raping elderly women, killing them, and then pissing all over them. Brian and his impetuous cousin Echo will take this one for free.

But there’s a cold case hanging in the balance, one that involves an old man being killed for his rare coins. It’s probably a mistake to let Echo work most of this case by himself, but Brian is trying to multitask with Godsend Investigative Services. When a skinny white woman curses Echo out and spits a flurry of racial slurs at him, everybody else has to pay for it, even a man behind him in a fast-food drive-thru. And by the time Echo hooks up with Brian to work the ongoing federal case, Echo is hardly in the mood for legal justice. He and Brian will certainly fight about this one.

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