Godsend 2: The Search for Rochelle


In the second book of the Godsend Series, Brian Cathcart, a deadly PI with illegal tactics and a good heart, knows what he must do to find 4-year-old Rochelle. But why was the biracial child kidnapped by a Mexican gang known as the Cocodrilos, Crocodiles in the first place? Why have there been no ransom demands fourteen months after the incident? Why would anybody think they could get away with such a crime?

Brian is forced to add help to his unauthorized agency, so he hires his cousin Echo, a reckless ex-con who is pissed about having to work at a fast-food joint. Brian and Echo take a hostage who was involved in the kidnapping case, but the man won’t talk. Brian tells him, “When my partner is done with your ass, I might have to back this truck up in your mouth just to get you to shut up.” When Brian leaves to contact his conspiring assistant and his FBI source, a sexy black woman causes Echo to lose control of the hostage situation. Smashing the Cocodrilos and finding Rochelle just got harder.

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