Godsend 15: Kill Somebody Else


In this controversial installment, Number 15 of the Godsend Series, an elaborate plot to get a Godsend member killed runs through Brooklyn, South Bronx, Queens, Alabama, and Pennsylvania. Seven years ago, an armored truck robbery and murder left Big Pat with just over a half million in cash. He’s been wanted by the Feds and probably would have turned himself in if he’d known it would lead to an apartment shootout in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood. This results in the kidnapping of a sexy female suspect who cannot be trusted. It also gets her boyfriend an instant eviction–from the 10th-floor window.

To flee the scene, Brian and Echo must confront two cops; and carjacking their NYPD cruiser happens to make sense at the time. When a dirty cop later uses the media to call them cowards, Echo visits the cop to make him take six for the team, the real cowards who keep killing unarmed black suspects.

In remembrance of Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Eric Harris, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Gardner, and every other unarmed individual who has died at the hands of police. Black Lives Matter!

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