Godsend 13: Selling Woof Tickets


In the thirteenth book of the Godsend Series, there’s a valuable lesson to be learned: If you can’t stand the heat … stay your ass away from the Mojave Desert. At 118 degrees, the human body dehydrates quickly. Then comes the dizziness. Then Echo passes out. Kira Sutton should have never told him about the mixed martial arts fighter who stalked and sexually harassed her. Echo’s attempt to punish the MMA fighter has backfired. He’s never needed Kiandra more.

Brian and Needles, meanwhile, are investigating a suspicious suicide in Michigan. After confronting the right suspect in an auto body repair shop, a little torture gets the case mostly solved. Until Brian gets shot and is bleeding all of his life away. needles will have to handle the gun-play alone, which means rushing her man to the hospital will have to wait. The two gunmen will certainly want to put some slugs in her next.

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