Affairs Of The Heart


Kendall Walker had aspirations of working in the fashion industry, but she put her life on hold to start a family with the man she loved, her high school sweetheart Drew. Dre became rich, Kendall became pregnant and they started their little family. Things were going well until Dre started coming home later than usual confirming what Kendall had already suspected, Dre was having an affair. And to make matters worse he is planning to leave her for a white woman! Kendall is forced to reevaluate her life and everything that she believed about love. She later meets Rashad Michaels, a local businessman who believes in her dreams and encourages her to pursue them. Kendall realizes that Andre may not have been her soul mate and Kendall falls fast for Rashad but there is only one problem. Rashad’s ex-girlfriend Layla has returned from Houston and she wants to take her man back.



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