Kingpin Wifeys Season 3 Part 5: The Beginning of the End

K. Elliott’s lasted installment of Kingpin Wifeys is action-packed and drama-filled as always. Now that Shantelle is dead, will Jada be next? Was she supposed to be the one killed and not her friend? And will Shamari be there to protect her in case her life is in danger? Ava is determined not to let that happen, but is her love for her man strong enough to keep him?

Stunna has a debt to pay and until that happens, Mikhail is holding Micky as ransom. Will he pay what is owed in time to save his sister, or has he finally reached the point of no return?

TeTe is faced with a choice: taking the life of someone else, or losing her own livelihood. She is determined not to do either one, but Agent Daniels is just as determined to have it his way or now way. Who will finally come out on top?

Starr has finally gotten the man she’s wanted. But did she make the right decision, and will it cost her the friendship she has built?
The Kingpin Wifeys are back with their drama-filled shenanigans that we all love. Get caught up in the latest episode and see what happens in the lives of the women who don’t just talk about that life, they live it!

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