Godsend 9: Square in the Mouth

This ninth installment of the Godsend Series follows the full-length Godsend novel titled The Weight of Echo. After Etceterra runs into a deadly situation during an investigation, not paying attention, Brian recruits a street-smart, attractive white woman named Needles. She shoots two suspects and gets to the bottom of a clever cover-up, proving she’s dangerous and smart. But Needles doesn’t feel so dangerous less than 10 minutes after meeting Echo. Echo and Kiandra become victims of an attempted armed robbery in Dallas, Texas. His eye gets blackened, and she has to get away from a fool who sprays at her with a submachine gun. Echo can’t wait to meet the shooter. He wants to hit the man square in the mouth, in the most unusual way, and he wants to make sure Needles is paying attention when he does.

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