Godsend 7: The Halo Effect

In the seventh book of this new thriller series, the Godsend private investigators must work their way inside a motorcycle gang in order to learn more about the murder of a pregnant woman. First, though, Brian and his two private eye trainees confront one of the victim’s ex-boyfriends, Halo Cameron. Somehow during the interrogation Halo gets the police to show up. The distraction allows Halo time to make a clean getaway while Brian and his trainees engage in a shootout with the police. When one of the trainees is killed in the gunfight, Brian personally wants revenge against sneaky-ass Halo.

Echo and Kiandra are working on a different angle of the homicide investigation. Dickie Slater, 280 pounds of mostly fat, is a member of the biker gang called the Chrome Bones, but right now Echo has him hanging upside down in a tree. Of course, Dickie and his wife would rather talk than become the subjects of the Echo’s crime scene. But Dickie’s act of deception puts Echo and Kiandra on the wrong trail, on the wrong biker member. When Echo and the Godsend investigators wreak havoc in a biker bar and lounge of more than 75 members–even kicking the hell out of their dog–getting information from the club’s leader will result in the watered-down truth about Dickie Slater. By now, Dickie and his wife have committed a robbery and two more brutal murders. This time Echo wants revenge against the fat biker who tricked him and then disappeared. . . sort of like the Halo Effect.

This action-packed short story thriller series consistently strings together multiple plots, stories with twists, a few characters from urban fiction, an outlandish vigilante detective, and original humor.

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