Godsend 6: All Jokes Aside

The sixth book of the Godsend Series, Ramona Hartley has been missing for three years and someone has to pay for it. The focus will be on Zavius Shotglass Grant, the best free-form comedian in America. But it is no laughing matter when Brian Cathcart and two of his Godsend trainees run up on a violent China-man and his two henchmen. An unexpected shootout in Ojai Valley, California, will even have readers ducking, especially when Brian goes against the norm to extinguish the situation.

Echo is training Kiandra, a fine black woman from Watts who is no stranger to danger. He agrees to help her get personal revenge against a big-time Crip member and rapist; but if you’ve been keeping up with Echo, you know what it will cost her. After some trickery with a Ramona Hartley witness and some gunplay in Compton, Echo and Kiandra try to surprise three Crip members in a South Lake Tahoe motel. The surprise doesn’t work for the leader, and of course, there will be blood in the snow. As for Ramona, her disappearance may not have been much of a mystery to someone close to her in New York.

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