Godsend 5: Blasphemy Out West

In the fifth book of the Godsend Series, Echo and Brian work on the cold-case murder of a gay man who was stabbed in the head 23 years ago. While Brian is busy running down leads, Echo encounters a Middle-Eastern man whom he suspects is a terrorist. Echo’s Plan is simple: Kidnap Abul al Shaziz’s wife, and if the man doesn’t report her missing then he must be up to no good.

Brian has just learned that his main suspect in the cold-case murder claims to be a Christian man of God, so now it’s time to confront the good Reverend Ambercrombie on the job. What is done in the dark must come to the light, but thousands will witness Brian’s work. And by now Echo has shot Abul in the ass and has paralyzed the man from the neck down. An al Qaeda terror plot involving five bombs in California is discovered. Two deadly explosions occur, killing 24, but it could have been much worse. This pushes Brian and Echo to train three new Private Eyes, but first, they must show them the ropes.

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