Godsend 4: Hiding in Plain Sight

In the fourth book of the Godsend Series, Echo damn near gets his back broken in a brawl and is later sucker-punched. His anger leads to a high-speed chase with the police out in Santa Barbara–except he’s the one chasing the police! He and Brian are investigating the cold case death of a promiscuous woman, and the murderer is hiding right under the nose of the law. Their new California resource–a young woman who gets illegal trade tools for them–is in trouble, and they have just made things worse for her.

And while he’s out in California, Brian decides he might as well track down and confront the crew that took his wallet and pat-searched his 4-year-old daughter in an upscale restaurant a few weeks earlier. The beautiful black woman who will help him get to the bottom of this is one he can see himself with until death does its part. At least that’s what happened to her last boyfriend.

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