Godsend 11: Taken for Granite

In the eleventh book, two underage girls are missing, and the case isn’t even three hours old.

Amber Gehring committed a selfish act that’s likely to get her killed. So when Avery Cameron Granite gets someone to kidnap her daughter and the young babysitter, she knows what she has to do. Echo, Kiandra, Brian, and Needles need to move fast in order to find the children. They will have to apply violent pressure and some of their FBI tricks in order to get at Avery and his associates. Easier planned than executed because Mr. Granite is smart and has plenty of money, a good woman, and an escape plan.

If the Godsend members think they hate him now, just wait until he gets through with their asses.

Godsend Series

  • Godsend 1: A Necessary Evil
  • Godsend 2: The Search for Rochelle
  • Godsend 3: Pissed All The Way Off
  • Godsend 4: Hiding In Plain Sight
  • Godsend 5: Blasphemy Out West
  • Godsend Series 1-5
  • Godsend 6: All Jokes Aside
  • Godsend 7: The Halo Effect
  • Godsend 8: The Value of a Woman
  • Godsend 9: Square In The Mouth
  • Godsend 10: That Stupid Hooker
  • Godsend Series 6-10
  • Godsend: The Weight of Echo (Full-length novel)
  • Godsend 11:Taken for Granite
  • Godsend 12:The Audacity
  • Godsend 13: Selling Woof Tickets
  • Godsend 14: Ass to Kiss

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