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Episode 2: Disappearing Acts

Maya appreciates the direction that she and Derrick are headed in, but when she suggests they move a little further, his reaction isn’t one she was hoping for and causes her to wonder if maybe she’s wrong about him.

Kareem notices Maya’s sudden “disappearance” and he knows why, so he makes sure he reminds her that he’s still there.

Derrick’s fight against temptation is tested when Maya tells him she needs “more”. But is what he’s willing to give enough to make her his woman?

Episode 2: Disappearing Acts

Written by: K. Elliott and LaJill Hunt

Directed by: LaJill Hunt

Produced and Engineered by: Allen Ell

Sponsored by: Brandie Davis-White, author of “Renee: All Hail the Queen”. Coming January 2019 from Urban Books Publishing. Pre-Order your copy today on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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