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Episode 1: Ready or Not

Despite the dating dilemmas of her past, Maya still believes in love and thinks she’s found it in Derrick.. But the fact that Kareem is always ready, willing and able to “show up” when she needs some affection puts her in a dilemma.

Kareem is a bonafide lifelong bachelor. As long as he has Maya and his other “regulars” he can chill with, he’s good or so he thinks.

Derrick made the decision to turn down sex and turn to God over a year ago. For him, meeting Maya was God’s way of rewarding his faith and commitment. But is it the right time to commit to her?

Episode 1: Ready or Not

Written by: K. Elliott and LaJill Hunt

Directed by: LaJill Hunt

Produced and Engineered by: Allen Ell

Sponsored by: Brown Girls Entertainment ( Coming soon: Capital Hill: an original scripted podcast written by ReShonda Tate Billingsley and Victoria Christopher Murray

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