Treasure Hunter

The exquisite Ava Harrell has one goal—to live a life of luxury by any means. Ava has luxurious taste in champagne, clothes, and cars, but very little money. She’s determined to make it to the top by any means. Her voluptuous body and her expensive clothing make her a sex siren and men drool over her, wanting to take care of her. Ava goes through a series of rich men to put herself in the position she wants to be in—from drug dealers to corporate business types. She has all of them eating from the palms of her hands. Ava becomes really close to a big drug dealer Mario, who not only splurges on her but trusts her to count his money. Money comes up missing and all eyes are on Ava, Ava had planned to travel the world but Mario believes that she has crossed him and is now in pursuit of her. Will Ava get to enjoy the life of luxury she has always dreamed of, or will she face an early grave?

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